Character Design Sketches Portfolio

Character designs from a variety of animated film projects

Oil Can Harry from "Mighty Mouse",  for Nickelodeon films
Proposed animated film
My ex-wife.
Coolworld Bouncer
Varuca Salt from Willy Wonka, WB Animation
Early sketches for"The Nightmare before Christmas."
Hoods from "Coolworld":  Paramount
proposed animated film
Various characters from "Tutenstein" and "Uncle Wiggley."
Medieval Girl
Coolworld Punk
Slah Club characters from "Coolworld."
Nordic man
Stripper Queen
Coolworld building:  Paramount
Danny Diamondback sketch
Sketches for "Danny Diamondback".
Sketch for "Danny Diamonback".
Animal attitude
Prairie dog
Lovable Aliens-Esc Planet Earth
Bugs:  Prince of Egypt
Sketch of Oil Can Harry: Nickelodean Film, "Mighty Mousde."
Sea Lion
Sketch for "Danny Diamondback."
Proposed animated film
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