Proposed animated film
"Where's Waldo"  proposed animated film
"Escape from Planet Earth":  The Weinstein Company
Desert Fire, for a purposed animated film.
Page three of the Barry Jackson book, "Danny Diamondback."  The story of a misunderstood rattlesnke.
"Danny Diamndback"  Childrens book:  Harper Collins
"Danny Diamondback"  children's book:  Harper Collins,  proposed animated film
Mt Crumpit and Whoville, from Ron Howard's, "The Grinch."
The Factory, for a future project.
Concept art for Roald Dahl's, "The Twits."
"Escape from Plane Earth";  The Weinstein Company
"Escape from Planet Earth":  The Weinstein Company
"Escape from Planet Earth":  The Weinstein Company
"Escape from Planet Earth",  The Weinstein Company
"Firebreather":  Cartoon Network
"Firebreather":  Cartoon Network
"Firebreather",  :  Cartoon Network
"Downtown," concept art from "Mighty Mouse."
"Firebreather"   Cartoon Network
Medal of Honor, Guadal Canal:  Electronic Arts
"Titan AE"  20th Century Fox,  (Layout:  Bruce Zick)
"Mighty Mouse",  Nickelodeon Films
Mighty Mouse
"Quidam":  Cirque du Soleil
"The Haunted Lighthouse",  :  Sea World  (Rich Mahon/Barry Jackson)
"Hopper" unreleased animated film
"Hopper" unreleased animated film
"Rango"  Paramount  (Characters by Vrash McQuery)
"Shrek"  Dreamworks
The "Shrek" gate:  Dreamworks Animation
""Shrek" The Dragon Keep:  Dreamworks Animation
"The Ant Bully"  DNA/Warner Bros
"The Ant Bully"  DNA/Warner Bros.
"the Ant Bully"   DNA/Warner Bros
Diablo Castle:  Titmouse/Blizzard Ent.
"The Prince of Egypt"  Dreamwork animation
"Coolworld" :  Paramount
Cool World
Cool World
Downtown "Coolworld":  Paramount
Cool World
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