"Escape From New York" Movie Poster
"Cadillac Man"   Movie Poster (Robin Williams not printed)
Marlon Brando (not printed)
"Terror Train"   Movie Poster
"Never Cry Wolf"   Movie Poster (not printed)
"The Lift" Movie Poster
"Big Top Pee Wee" Movie Poster (bg only)
"Man of La Mancha" Theater Poster
"Friday the 13th Part 3"  Movie Poster

"Fantasia" Movie Poster
"Making Contact"  Movie Poster
Eddie Horan   Album Cover
Uptown      Album Cover  (rap compilation)
ZZ Top Six Pack    Album Cover
Ronnie Montrose  "Music from Hear"  Album Cover
Grateful Dead Concert Poster
ZZ Top "Recycler"  Album Cover
ZZ Top "Afterburner"  Album Cover
Johnny Crash "All the Way Inn"  Album Cover
The Band  "Dirty Filthy Stinking Rich"  Album Cover
"Mars Attacks" Movie Poster  (not printed)
Neil Young "Trans" Album Cover
"Cool World"   Movie Poster  (bg only)
"Happily Never After" Movie Poster
Car Share   Editorial
Pioneer Stereo    Advertisement
Racquet Ball    Editorial
Gun Control   Editorial
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